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    All a guy really needs in the shower is a smile. Because you have better things to do than stress over your man tresses, our Man Wash BHB is the perfect power tool for the splash and dash. Slice precious time out of your cleansing routine with this all-over lather that takes care of your beard, hair and nether regions in triple time. Our sulfate and paraben free formula, fortified with Copaiba Balsam and Tea Tree oils, cleanses and conditions your hair and skin without stripping away precious...

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      Come hither, beard hero: A real man knows mastering his muff makes him a front-runner in the game of life. But he also knows being in touch with his softer side means a better beard the ladies just can?t keep their fingers from. The Bush Master plays hard on your brush, whittling away at rough and tough whiskers with our signature blend of five oils. The result is a whisper-soft scruff, laced with adventurous hints of grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar. It’s the ultimate taming that...

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        Need that Man Card back? Talk to the ManScaper. Groomed and pruned may not be your style, but every He Man worth his weight in whiskers knows style is substance. And a beard is one hot commodity. Protect your top-dollar dander (and that baby face below) with our signature super-smoothing, super-hero blend of five oils to soften, slick and manage your man mane. Bulk your hulk with traces of musk, nutmeg, leather and vanilla, creating an intoxicating, magnetic force field of a face forest that...

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          Oh that juju that beards do! Even the roughest fuzz needs salvation; the Voodoo Prince puts facial finesse at your fingertips, working whisker wizardry right into your mane with the deep-healing powers of our signature blend of five oils. The Prince casts a sultry, spellbinding majesty that beckons the beard gods with whispers of bergamot, sage and sandalwood. Rule the throne with a nourished, strengthened scruff fit for a king and a crown of man mojo that leaves the kingdom, and your queen,...

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            Beard badasses, it’s time to spiff, not stiff, your whiskers!We’re helping you do it with our new Black Kodiak Beard Balm-Aid (formerly Black Cognac); a one-two punch to your pucker. This double duty wonder product acts as a balm and pomade in one, busting a smooth move on your beard and keeping strands in place and at attention for whatever life throws your way.Shea and cocoa butters help soothe and breathe life, and manhood, back into brittle, busted beards, leaving your barbell of a beard...

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              Your grooming routine is screaming for clarity. Whether you’re sending your 5 o’clock shadow to the grave, or drawing new lines in the beard sand with a crisper, cleaner edge, Sharp Dressed Mane Shave Gel is clear, so you see what you’re doing with your blade. Keep your line on point and your skin soft and nourished with our moisturizing formula, all framed up with one of our famous fragrances for the sniff factor. The result: A smooth, hydrated mug and a meticulous beard line with the...

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